a series of paintings on canvas - with textile, soil, sand and acrylic paint
 a two-day pop up event in Vestjylland, Denmark, 2017  organised, curated  and documented by  Inge Tarpgaard    supported by Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality  thank you to the GOOD WORK Production crew and guest star for attending in gold - Mira Kongstein, Andreo Mielczarek and Golshid Rokhzan.  here's a link to a video documentation of all the pop-up events in Vestjylland   https://vimeo.com/242118326
Heading for a land of eternal sunshine, Xpon-artx
 Gallery Bridget Stern, Faktor, Hamborg 2017  an exhibition about perception of time with artist  Anna Lena Grau ,  Julia Frankenberg ,  Simon Hehemann , and single works by  Sophie Dupont  and  Thierry Geoffrey . Curated by Tijana Miskovic   text here    
 Club SuperDelux, Tokyo, 2017  photo by  Thomas Andersen   The light sign was first mounted across Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark from January to March 2012 to spread good energy in the darkness. Since then it has been for loan free of charge, for anyone who felt they needed it. Please contact me, if you do.  The project was supported by ZA-ZA Display, Nordea-fonden, Danish Arts Council, Amager Øst Lokaludvalg, Amager Vest lokaludvalg, Københavns Billedkunstudvalg
 A light healing of Christiansborg, The Danish seat of Parliament, 2015  curated by Julie Sinding  photos by  Thomas Andersen
Crepusculo con Queso
Healing the water
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  Vestjyllandssamlingen, Tistrup, Denmark, 2016   supported by the Danish Arts Council
 Fabrikken for kunst og design, Copenhagen, 2015  in collaboration with Thomas Andersen
 Klubb Wonderland, Gothenborg, Sweden, 2016  Concept and creators: Good Work Productions (DK) & Making Art Worlds (DK) Dancers: Linda Wardal (SE), Nina Wengel (DK) & Stine Marcinkowski (SE/DK)"  DJ Lovisa Silfverberg  photos by Klubb Wonderland  "Trance for a Change is a dance event and ceremony in which we, by dancing together will try to change fear of the unknown to openness and curiosity towards the unknown. When dancing together and going into a trance, one produces a natural hormone in the body called oxytocin. This hormone has many good effects, some of them are that they reduce fear and create confidence and generosity towards others.   In the ceremony both personal and global fear and aggressions will be transformed to more open minded and embracing ones.  We will dance for openness, we will dance for welcoming refugees, we will dance for those in need of inclusion.   In Trance for a Change, we make use of ideas from traditional ceremonies in which dance is used as tool to change or effect a situation. We believe that dance has this power.   So come and join us and dance!"      
 The future is Gold is collection of one hundred positive visions for the future collected in 2012 in collabortion with  Ida Kat Balslev.   In winter 2013,  just a couple of weeks before the first demonstrations broke out in Brazil, we did the performance "voices for the future"  in the streets in down-town Rio de Janeiro, dressed in golden suits and armed with an amplifyer and a microphone.  We read positive visions for the future, collected from around the world, aloud to the passers-by, and asked them for their positive vision for the future trying to convince them to share it with the people in the street.  photos by Maria Borba 
 Performance event, 2011, performed by throwing of confetti from the office windows of Times Square Alliance.  This scaled-down version of a tickertape parade, was referring to today’s economic crises and requestioning the issue of freedom, and a celebrationof the everyday pedestrians in Times Square, New York