BLUSHING CURTAINS / by nina wengel

Today I suggest the work Blushing curtains as a permanent installation in the seat of Danish Parliament. These days I blush because of the political turn this nation is taking, an embarrassment which doesn’t seem to pass, but continuous to get worse. The Danish flag is white and red, I turn from pale to red.

The work has a history with multiple layers of meaning though. The first time the idea popped in to my mind, was in connection to being hit by a terrible social fear and constantly blushing, just being present was a pain. But the work was realised for the exhibition “Soft performance” in Det hemmelige galleri, Herning, Denmark, 2008. The background for the work there was a research made in collaboration with curator/artist Tijana Miskovic on the city of Herning, where the exhibition were to be shown. We investigated the city and it’s history and asked a shaman to make a spirit travel for the city the objective being to decipher the “mental” state of the city. It turned out, the city had a very male dominated energy, and so I decided to use the pink colour. The work was a light installation with magenta coloured light dimming up and down which made the curtains look like they were blushing, visible from both the inside and the outside the gallery space.